Thursday, August 2, 2012

Galbraith Wall map - August 2nd edition

Here's the latest wall map showing progress in our goal to hike every trail on Galbraith. There are 95 trails on the mountain and we've hiked 84 of them since mid-June.

I have about eight hikes to go to cover the remaining 11 trails. Four of them are long (5+ mile) hikes, and four of them will be shorter excursions. I want to hike with my family on the last outing, to make it a bit of a celebration. I'm saving Bunny Trails for that hike, I think, or perhaps Straw/Sticks/Bricks trails.

I've also come up with a list of my favorite Galbraith view hikes and a few other highlights of my trail travels over this summer on the mountain. 

Here are some previous pictures of the wall map over the past few weeks:

The wall map is an enlargement of the excellent WHIMPS trail map. You can get a copy of that from local biking and running stores, or online from WHIMPS

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