Monday, June 18, 2012

Kaya and Old Issues via Galbraith Lane, Pipeline

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 1 hr 12 min

Raney has a vet appointment this morning, so we opt for a shorter hike from the south entrance into Galbraith. It's a wet and cool start to the day here in Bellingham.

Kaya trail is a pleasant hike that can be made round-trip in 3 miles from the Lake Padden trailhead. Old Issues trail, less recently maintained, is overgrown in places with ferns and small birch windfalls, but nevertheless is easily hiked as an optional route back towards the trailhead.

Walking a short boardwalk on Old Issues trail.

We set out from the Lake Padden Trails trailhead, right across from Galbraith Lane on Samish Way. Bypassing a couple of roads leading to the right, we follow Galbraith Lane straight north. 

Raney has to be leash-walked for the first half mile, until we get past the metal gate and to the kiosk. This south-end kiosk is labeled Checkpoint Hotel. There are various Private Property signs along Galbraith Lane; they're intended to keep out vehicles, but this area is open to hikers and bikers.

Galbraith Lane turns into Pipeline (Road 1000), and we follow that for 3/4 mile. Twice I have to hold Raney by the roadside, as large logging machinery descends the road with today's bounty.

Looking north on Pipeline, near the Road 1010 junction.

We reach Road 1010 to the left. (Distance from trailhead: 1.25 miles, 24 minutes.) We follow Road 1010 for a quarter mile until it turns into the Bunny Trails. The unmarked Kaya trail heads to the left at this point.

Raney likes the sound of this trail. Bunnies beware!

Trotting through Kaya trail.

The trail occasionally runs into minor cross trails, but the main trail is easily distinguished. When in doubt, follow the pink ribbons.

After about half a mile, Kaya trail meets Road 1100. We turn left on 1100 and walk it for half a mile until we reach Old Issues trail branching off to the right. (Distance from trailhead: 2.1 miles, 48 minutes.)

Winding through Old Issues trail.
Old Issues is pretty overgrown today in places, but remains a manageable hike. It crosses a newly-constructed split-rail fence at one point.

In ten minutes, we're back on Pipeline. Turning right takes us back to the trailhead parking lot - a nice three-mile partial loop.

Elevation gain is mild on this 3-mile route.

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