Monday, June 11, 2012

SST via Ridge Trail and Powerline

Time: 1 hr 25 min
Distance: 2.5 miles (est.)

I figured that setting my hiking goal would result in me discovering new delights in Galbraith, but even so I was pleasantly surprised by my first exposure to "SST". This trail is a major route from the northern access into Galbraith, but I had never ventured into it until today.

To get there, we parked at the Birch Street trailhead, then took Miranda up to Ridge Trail. We followed Ridge Trail to Powerline, then turned left and followed Powerline Trail for about a third of a mile. This section was the messiest, with some sections of trail covered with muddy puddles from our recent rainfall. It was also overgrown in places, but the light bushwhacking added to the adventure of the hike.

Along the way we spotted two access trails coming in from the north (left): Tetanus and the Bonanza Connector. Haven't been on these trails but we'll try them soon.

A right turn off of Powerline took us to SST, which heads straight south in a smooth and steady climb through dense fern-filled woods.

We turned off of SST where it intersects with Road 1000, and followed that back to Ridge Trail. If we had gone straight on SST, we would have gotten into the upper Galbraith trails where many of the more remote and challenging bike routes lie. We'll save that for another day.

Coming back along Ridge Trail we spotted this garter snake...
...and a nice view of the San Juan Islands. 

SST made for a beautiful walk. We'll get to know it better in future walks where we go higher into the trail system. 

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