Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 Galbraith map is out! Summary of changes

The WHIMPS 2012 Galbraith map was released about a week ago, and I picked up my copy at Kulshan Cycle today.

Some changes that I noticed from the 2011 version:
  • One-way trails now have directional arrows shown on the route
  • Checkpoint Juliet is now shown in its current location
  • Newly-created Gunslinger is now labeled and shows its complete route
  • Golden Spike trail added
  • Orient Express trail added
  • SST 2.0 label removed
  • Upper SST renamed to Orient Express and Golden Spike
  • The Old Up is no longer considered orphaned
  • Eagle Scout name added to existing trail connecting The Sh*t to Atomic Dog
  • Scooby Doo no longer labeled but trail still exists in Goldilocks area
  • Upper WHIMPS Connector renamed to The Wall
  • Lower WHIMPS Connector renamed to Muddy Connector
  • Chutes and Ladders now marked as an orphaned trail
  • Lost Giants now marked as an orphaned trail
  • Old Issues now marked as an orphaned trail
  • Gastric Bypass trail removed
  • 12 Monkeys trail removed
I've updated our list of Galbraith trails accordingly. There are now 96 named trails on Galbraith.

You can get your map at various running and cycling stores around Bellingham, or online at

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