Saturday, July 7, 2012

Loop: Pump Track, The Sh*t, Eagle Scout, Atomic Dog

Distance: 4.6 miles
Time: 2 hours 21 minutes

On this morning's hike, I have the company of Raney and my oldest daughter. Under warm skies, we climb logging roads up into the southeast area of Galbraith, and descend on a series of three trails. Mindful of the recent bear sighting, we attach a bear bell to Raney's collar today.

Raney on Pump Track trail.

Our starting point is the usual south-side access from the Padden Trails parking lot on Samish Way. Going north on Galbraith lane, we reach the Checkpoint Alpha kiosk at 0.6 miles, 11 minutes. From here we follow Tower Road, also known as Road 2000. 

It's a warm day and it's a good workout heading up the logging roads. At the blue rock marker, we take the right fork to follow road 3000.

After 2 miles, 43 minutes from the parking lot, we reach the junction of Roads 3000 and 4000. We bear right on Road 4000, on our way to Pump Track.

Along the way we see Evolution trail branching off to the left. (2.2 miles, 47 minutes.) This trail, which we'll save for another day, heads eastward to the Galbraith summit.

A shady stretch on Road 3000.

Evolution trail meets Road 3000.

Galbraith greenery.

A few minutes after that, we take Pump Track on the right. There's a small bench on the side of the road which is a good marker for the trail entrance. 

Raney at the trailhead for Pump Track.

We reach the stunt in the photo below (2.5 miles, 1 hour). We turn right here, following the overgrown logging road which is unnamed on Galbraith maps. This path goes through a logged area, but offers good views of mountains to the west.

The path comes to Road 3000, at which point we turn around and return to the stunt on Pump Track. Arriving there at 2.8 miles, 1 hour 29 minutes, we scout around and find the sign for the trail known as The Sh*t. 

Major stunt on Pump Track. This stunt marks the end of this trail and the beginning of The Sh*t trail.

Crossing the logged area towards Road 3000. We saw a buck in this area.

The view westward from the logged area.

The Sh*t is an interesting trail, undulating through a series of gullies and rises. It leads westward and then becomes known as Eagle Scout trail as it bends southward towards Road 2300. The trail crosses a creek and shortly after that we stop and have a snack. I pour some water for Raney but she favors a drink from the babbling creek.

Trail sign for The Sh*t.

Eagle Scout trail ends at Road 2300. Crossing the road, we head out on Atomic Dog trail. (3.4 miles, 1 hour 43 minutes.)

Atomic Dog leads us right to the gates on Galbraith Lane. (4.1 miles, 2 hours 10 minutes.) The photos below show some of the scenes along Atomic Dog.

A steep walk up the logging road pays off in three cool descending trails.

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